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Born in Togo, raised in Lebanon and now based in Qatar, CROE’s co-founder Zee has travelled the world, but his earliest memory is of food and family: of watching his father cook in his cosy restaurant kitchen.

Growing up surrounded by gastronomy, Zee’s first taste of caviar came when he was a child, as part of a New Year’s Eve celebration at the family restaurant, like Mo, surrounded by loved ones. Although in retrospect it may not have been the finest caviar on the market, to his young mind, the ceremony and excitement of assembling each bite with the blinis, along with the caviar’s buttery flavour, made this the very best food in the world.

Over the years, spent studying inthen graduating to a global real estate career, his mind hasn’t changed. Some of his favourite memories were made whilst enjoying caviar with friends, including one memorable dinner party during an African rain storm, where he’d brought the caviar in a ziploc bag packed with ice. Whilst he remains convinced that caviar is the true taste of La Dolce Vita, he’s grown increasingly aware that younger generations don’t always share his enthusiasm - something he hopes to change with the launch of CROE.

His vision for CROE is for it to become one of the world’s best-loved inclusive luxury brands and to see Beluga caviar become a central part of celebratory occasions for discerning gastronomes - enjoyed simply with blinis or used in innovative dishes by acclaimed chefs.

Zee’s appreciation of caviar is rooted in nature, tradition and authenticity. A delicacy that is luxurious but not elitist, and prized for its flavour rather than what it says about status.

He has spent years with his partners researching the best way to make this dream a reality, including the most responsible, sustainable methods to go about doing this. Now that they have found their perfect product it is time to share CROE Beluga Caviar with new audiences.

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