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CROE has partnered with Earthly as a key part of the brand’s sustainability goals. The UK climate tech company actively fights climate change by helping businesses to remove carbon, restore nature and reverse climate breakdown.

Together, Earthly and CROE are planting Mangrove trees to hit the aim of planting over 500 million trees by 2025. With an initial contribution of 1,000 trees, and our commitment to plant 1 tree for every 10g sold, CROE is determined to ensure our business is 100% carbon neutral to thrive as a sustainable business. By planting Mangroves, CROE is not only combatting CO2 levels, but also increasing biodiversity, reducing coastal sediment, and providing jobs for the local community. Stay up to date with our sustainable goals via our newsletter, and send any questions regarding our mission to

CROE has partnered with My French Sommelier to curate the most exceptional pairings to our caviar. Founded by beverage and industry expert with over 20 years of experience, Guillem Kerambrun, you can purchase the recommended pairing to our caviar through our shop to make the most of the experience.

Kerambrun’s role as Deputy Wine Director for Alain Ducasse saw him managing 27 restaurants and 70 sommeliers around the world for 13 years, as well as leading wine programming for events with global coverage including the 2011 wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco. He went on to become Head of Wine at Caprice Holdings & Birley Clubs; famously launching Annabel’s in 2018, curating and leading their exceptional wine programme, before moving to Berkmann Wine Cellars as Director of Fine Wine.

CROE will continue to work with Kerambrun and his beverage partners across the world, so don’t forget to become a ‘Friend of CROE’ and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about our unique collaborations..

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