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CROE: A Caviar for the 21st Century

For hundreds of years, caviar has been one of the world’s most prized delicacies - a favourite of kings, of emperors and of the aristocracy, due to its rarity, its unique texture and singular flavour.

CROE is a new generation of caviar, rather than prestige, this brand is all about flavour and experience. It honours heritage, with sturgeon from the Caspian Sea, where caviar was first discovered.

The brand has been founded by three friends, Mo, Konstantin and Zee, each with their own connection to caviar on a shared mission to bring caviar to a new audience of younger gastronomes.

CROE is an authentic, Beluga caviar of the very best quality. No need to stand on ceremony, its exceptional flavour can be enjoyed however you like: on blinis with crème fraîche, on buttered crisp bread with onion and lemon, as part of a talented chef’s signature dish, or simply on a spoon.
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