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The Cheat’s Guide to Caviar


Grey Beluga caviar is the most prestigious of caviars, for both its unique varying grey colouring and the 20 year timeframe it takes for the fish to reach maturity. When the sturgeon is ready for harvesting,it weighs in at nearly 900kg and produces larger eggs than other varieties,with the very best examples reflecting a pale, silver shade in appearance. Beluga sturgeon are also indigenous to the Caspian Sea and there are strict rules regarding its over-fishing, only adding to the scarcity of this truly special product.


Almas is the world’s rarest and most expensive caviar, translating from the Persian language to ‘diamonds’, referring to both its value and appearance. Almas caviar is only found in Huso Huso Sturgeon with a mutation that leads to a lack in melanin, creating eggs much paler and whiter in colour. It is truly the most prized caviar by connoisseurs across the world, and is often only available every 5-10 years


Oscietra sturgeon reaches maturity at around 15 years old, producing slightly smaller eggs than Beluga. There’s also a difference in colour with the eggs varying in hue from gold to deep brown, and the eggs have a firmer texture than Beluga with a flavour prized for its distinct nutty taste.


Sevruga caviar has small grey eggs with a distinct, buttery flavour. Although one of the smallest of the sturgeon species, it still takes 7-10 years to reach maturity and shouldn’t be underestimated.

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