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As CROE’s only European founder, Konstantin’s relationship with caviar is rather different to Mo and Zee’s. He grew up in Germany, spending family holidays in Tichino, a mountainous Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, where food and hospitality were at the heart of things.

His parents were immersed in the worlds of art and gastronomy, but as caviar wasn’t a local delicacy, it was considered as a luxurious indulgence rather than a regular fixture. When his parents first allowed him to try caviar it certainly wasn’t love at first bite: in fact, it was after several years of accepting that he simply wasn’t a fan, Konstantin was won over after a particularly talented chef served him a spectacular dish incorporating caviar. This ‘aha moment’ changed everything, and is behind CROE’s dedication to working with chefs to promote caviar as a standout ingredient, in addition to a dish of its own.

As a caviar convert himself, Konstantin is very aware of preconceptions - particularly in the west - of the product as intimidating, and of its punchy flavour and distinctive texture as an acquired taste. He’s keen for people to approach CROE with a sense of playfulness, not to stand on ceremony, and to work out their own favourite way to enjoy and appreciate it.

He sees caviar’s closest western counterpart as truffles - a prized and indulgent natural ingredient, both with roots in generations of gastronomy. His goal for CROE is to see it become equally synonymous with discerning dining and special occasions, for both chefs and consumers.

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