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CROE co-founder Mo grew up in Iran: with familial roots by the Caspian Sea - the birthplace of caviar - going back generations. Throughout his childhood loved ones would gather together in the summer months watching the sun set over the horizon as they feasted on classic Persian dishes, including caviar served in the traditional style, on buttered crisp bread with onion and lemon. The flavour combination sparked a life-long love, culminating in the launch of CROE.

Mo, now an entrepreneur based in London with his own family, has found travel and gastronomy to be two of his greatest pleasures. Over time though, he has come to realise that his own perception of caviar, as a delicious food to be shared and enjoyed with family, isn’t always the global norm. Younger generations seem to feel alienated by a product that he had always seen as bringing people together, instead seeing it as a status symbol rather than a food to be enjoyed simply for pleasure.

He decided to go back to the start, not only of his own story but that of caviar itself, and introduce a caviar directly from the Caspian Sea to the market. He has partnered with long-time friends Zee and Konstantin, to found CROE (with a name devised by Mo and his wife, to stand for Caspian Roe). They have spent years searching for the perfect sturgeon, farms and partners, ensuring the operation is as sustainable as possible, whilst maintaining exceptional quality.

Both Mo and CROE are driven by heritage, but looking to a future where caviar is enjoyed as a celebration of good times and good friends.

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