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The Abrishamchi Foundation

The family foundation of CROE co-founder, Mo Abrishamchi, works to support low income families and those with limited access to resources across the Middle East. Financial aid, either direct or through likeminded charity organisations, is given to support chosen areas of need, including:

Grants for students

Financial support for exceptional students, ensuring they stay on the correct path with their studies so they remain exceptional throughout their academic achievements

Apprenticeship scheme

Support for young apprentices; financially funding colleges as well as implementing introductions within key networks to increase chances of employment

Grants for the disabled

Financial support for the handicapped, war veterans, and children with special needs, to help ensure a great chance at independence and provide the chance to work in a supportive environment

Mental health initiatives

Support for those in need of counselling and rehabilitation, for both the individual and their family/support network

Supporting children

Financial support across food, sanitation, and medicine for vulnerable children under the age of 10.


Financial support for aligned NGOs with a focus on humanitarian aid and activity, both in and outside of Europe

Supporting young adults

Financial grants and zero interest loans for young couples, supporting them in their early years from their wedding to a deposit on their first home


Building schools in the most remote villages, to provide children with further access to education for primary and middle school ages

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